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Dscn0946 - Clarkson Commercials

Exceptionally rare if not impossible to find …… ex Ministry Of Defence Vauxhall Movano LWB 6 seat crewcab dropside with rear hydraulic taillift, 2009 with only 16000 miles !  (Choice of 3) Never seen a building site, a wheelbarrow or a builders bum ! Only every used in and around the army barracks, serviced annually and cared for like no other. As close to brand new condition as any used vehicle would ever be – incredible condition  ! Currently getting re-registered on civilian UK registration plates. You have three chances to buy one of these exceptional vehicles – when their gone their gone.

Dscn0951 - Clarkson Commercials

Dscn0946 - Clarkson Commercials

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Dscn0956 - Clarkson Commercials

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